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Modular Midi Controller and more ...

Our products


The Moduknob is a USB MIDI controller with a physical MIDI output.


MODULOX midi controller 4 infinite encoders
  • 4 endless rotary encoders with push button.
  • 8 RGB LEDs provide feedback on encoder status
  • Ableton Live plugin for a perfect integration implementation with the software. (color of the clips that are displayed on the LEDs)
  • USB MIDI interface with physical MIDI OUT
  • Advanced configuration of each encoder with possibility to choose different modes of operation (Toggle, Momentary, multi CC ...) and to configure the MIDI signals (MIDI CC, notes, channel)
  • Small sequencer 64 steps / 4 channels for each
  • Magnetic connector

Complete customization

Configure all modes such as sampling, bitbox ... customize the colors of leds.
Midi-out (jack)


Midi USB

Plug and play

Use presets of all major music creation software




Midi USB

Uses the USB MIDI standard

Magnetic connector

connect up to 16 Modulox together to create your midi control surface

4 infinite knobs

high quality knobs with backlit leds 16 million colors
adjustable intensity

Configuration in Web browser

Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks

Chrome extension

Led colors

Midi note

Up to 16 moduknob can be linked via the magnetic connectors. We can then have other characteristics:
. Each encoder in each module can be configured via the interface that supports all modules
. As many MIDI outputs as modules.
. As many different sequences as modules.

Product development
Completed 100%

Our ambition

Before the midi interface was just simple, just be able to send signals. Modulox is affordable and fully configurable. Create a midi control surface that looks like you. You can customize everything from light color to sent notes.


Our team

Engineer and musician with good mathematical skills, Gaétan builds several projects of synthesizers for the community.


A passionate electronics engineer, Olivier is also the founder of Raspiaudio.com, a sound card for Raspberry Pi.


Engineer with particular expertise in the field of low-level coding, Louis is an expert in microcontroller projects.



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